Tanisha Moore

Tanisha was born in Pine Bluff, AR. She is the mother of two wonderful children, a son and daughter. Currently employed with the Pine Bluff Arsenal and a graduate of the SEARK Nursing Program. At a young age, Tanisha was taught the importance and, the power of prayer. In 2008, She recognized there was a call on her life, to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tanisha has served and currently serves as a prayer intercessor at her church, Full Counsel- Pine Bluff.

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My Personal Testimony

For years I walked in guilt and shame of the mistakes I had made. The condemnation fueled my feelings of not being good enough. Inferiority clouded my vision of seeing myself operating or doing anything great.

Once God removed the reproach. I began to move forward. Being taught the unadulterated word of God, exercising faith and developing a personal relationship with Christ shift my life for the better.

Changing my perception empowered me to walk through obstacles. Believing Christ enabled me to see God had more He wanted to do through me. 1 Corinthians 1:27 became my personal scripture, “But God has taken the foolish thing of the world to confound the wise.” When man labeled me, I viewed it as qualifying me to be used by God. Adversity became a strengthener. What the devil meant for evil worked for my good. The enemy wanted to destroy me. But instead developed me. I came out a bold, powerful, praying warrior for the kingdom. Living proof of God taking my mess and giving me a message.

Tanisha Moore